Types Of Node: Overview

Ellyn / November 8, 2021

Nodes” are the essential parts of a chat on Querlo. Knowing the types of nodes helps you build and manage a chat.

The image below is a simple chat and you can see how it is presented in the chat builder.

A chat is built up with nodes that are shown in different colors, and the colors represent specific functions.

Text nodes #

Blue is a Text node, and it means the flow proceeds in a straight line.

Image Link nodes #

An Image link node shows the thumbnail of the image.

Video Embed nodes #

Video embed node shows the thumbnail of the video.

Branching/Question nodes #

Red is a Branching/Question node, and it means the flow will branch.

Answer nodes #

Green is an Answer node, and it represents the beginning of a new branch in the flow.

Command nodes #

Grey is a command node, and it shows the command type that you selected to use.

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