Ellyn / November 8, 2021

Menu Command allows a chat to enable the Menu navigation that is shown on the top right of a chat.

Menu navigation is a term used to describe a hierarchical navigation menu presented as a trail of links. It is often used as a secondary navigation that allows users to go up and down in the hierarchy of links.

Adding a Menu command node #

Step 1: #

Add a New Command node by clicking on the last node to access the contextual menu and choose “New Command” to open up the Edit form.

Step 2: #

In the Command Type field, choose “Menu“.

Step 3:

In the Type field, choose Add or Remove

Add: To add the navigation menu.

Remove: To remove the previously added navigation menu.

Step 4:

Add Menu:

  1. Select Add in the Type field.
  2. Click on the Link icon and select a chat which should be your navigation link and also choose the Label.
  3. Enter the Button Label and Save.

Now Preview the chat to see the Navigation menu button added to the top right corner of the chat as below:

Step 5:

Remove Menu:

  1. Select Remove in the Type field.
  2. Enter the label and save to remove the preferred menu button from the chat.

Contact us #

For more information regarding this feature, please contact the Querlo Team at info@Querlo.com

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