Ellyn / November 8, 2021

The Querlo Chat Builder is a web App tool that individuals and companies can use to build chat flows through a Graphical RAD system.

The Querlo Chat Builder provides various options for customization and NLU (Natural Language Understanding) Integration with the main Cognitive Service providers like Microsoft LUIS and IBM Watson.

A chat created with the Querlo Chat Builder is accessible on-line through a URL and can be linked on social media or embedded on a company’s website. Querlo chats can also be accessed through other chat clients such as WhatsAppFacebook Messenger and similar providing a consistent omnichannel experience.

Querlo chats are hosted on a proprietary server architecture which provides redundancy, scalability and security. Depending on a client’s needs it is possible to deploy Querlo solutions on a shared managed cloud, on a managed private network or on-premise.

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