Create a 3D avatar

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Margherita / July 13, 2022

You can create either an Avatar or a 3D Avatar.

How to create a 3D Avatar. #

After you build a bot, preview it as if you are the end-user.

If you are ready to test your build chatbot, just follow these easy steps! 👇


  • Click “customize” on the left upper corner to customize your chatbot
  • Select the “layout” tab which makes you select different themes for your chat
  • On the left lower corner click the “Create my 3D Avatar” tab.
  • Select the tab you prefer and follow the guidelines to create the avatar that better represents you!
  • after editing the avatar, it will be shown as a preview on the right side of the page
  • if you want to edit the avatar, click on the small avatar image shown on the lower left side of the page.
  • to save your modifies, click on the “Update” gree button on the lower left corner, and enjoy your avatar!

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