Loss of Communication in the New Era: A Conversation with Sydney Johnson

In continuation of Querlo’s interview series, Phoebe Degn, intern at Querlo, spoke with Sydney Johnson, intern at Edge of Yesterday, about the challenges and opportunities in the post-COVID era, as well as the role of Artificial Intelligence in the future. 

One challenge that Sydney believes might emerge in the post-COVID era is a loss of communication. All this time spent in isolation has caused people to become more sheltered and for many, has led to a loss in some social skills. People have become so accustomed to speaking with one another through technology both professionally and non professionally, so it might be difficult to make that switch back.  

In the future, Artificial Intelligence could be very helpful with search engines and trying to answer questions. With something like Google, you type in one question and then get thousands of results and must search for your answer; however, AI is much more interactive and could help people get solutions faster.

Re-Engaging and Re-Energizing Employees Through Effective Communication in the Post-COVID Era: A Conversation with Jennifer Stanford

“Whether you are a leader or you are an employee, you are going to be looking at the type of work you are going to be involved in differently and you are going to have to approach that differently,” said Jennifer Stanford, CEO of Emergent Performance Solutions, during her conversation with Francesco Rulli, Global CEO of Querlo. In their conversation, Jennifer and Francesco discussed the post-COVID era and the role Artificial Intelligence may play during that time of transition. 

Emergent Performance Solutions is a change management organization that is tasked with bringing emotional intelligence to the table for leaders. They help organizations get through significant transformations, and a key aspect of their strategy is to teach leaders how to properly communicate with their employees, and to understand that people will adopt change differently based on their personal perspective. These skills assist in ensuring that organizations are prepared to manage change in a strategic way.

Although nobody was able to prepare for COVID-19, effective and efficient communication and collaboration have become crucial. Jennifer noted that since we are no longer able to sit across a table from one another to make decisions about how work should be done, this has become a challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic, and will continue to be one in the post-COVID era. Something that amplifies the need for effective communication and collaboration is that organizations will still continue to have goals they work toward and changes they undergo, however now, they will be doing so amidst a changing environment. Jennifer stated, “we are still trying to make progress in our businesses while this “new normal” is continuing to define itself.” In order for an organization to be successful, Jennifer noted, they need to be able to communicate effectively in an uncertain, high-stress environment. This “new normal” will involve even more deliberate communication than there needed to be in the past. 

However, Jennifer discussed how she believes that Artificial Intelligence solutions have the ability to greatly assist companies and organizations with this essential communication. She said that AI can act as a “time-saver,” which is important because countless people are experiencing “Zoom fatigue” and spending too much time on the phone. AI can enable companies to have a bigger impact while using fewer resources and less of their employees’ time. Jennifer also sees AI as a great way for leaders to find out what topics are most important to their employees so that they can distribute information that is more aligned with strategic goals. AI will allow organizations “to mass-distribute information in a way that was not available before.”

To learn more about Jennifer Stanford’s perspective on these topics, or to reach out for other information, you can contact her through the Emergent Performance Solutions website, emergentPS.com, or you can find her on LinkedIn.