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Loss of Communication in the New Era: A Conversation with Sydney Johnson

Lorenzo Meriggi / July 31, 2020

In continuation of Querlo’s interview series, Phoebe Degn, intern at Querlo, spoke with Sydney Johnson, intern at Edge of Yesterday, about the challenges and opportunities in the post-COVID era, as well as the role of Artificial Intelligence in the future. 

One challenge that Sydney believes might emerge in the post-COVID era is a loss of communication. All this time spent in isolation has caused people to become more sheltered and for many, has led to a loss in some social skills. People have become so accustomed to speaking with one another through technology both professionally and non professionally, so it might be difficult to make that switch back.  

In the future, Artificial Intelligence could be very helpful with search engines and trying to answer questions. With something like Google, you type in one question and then get thousands of results and must search for your answer; however, AI is much more interactive and could help people get solutions faster.