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People Related AI Solutions – Rajesh Prayaga

Lorenzo Meriggi / October 3, 2021


Putting the employee first with Ybrant Partners! Recently, Francesco Rulli, CEO of Querlo, talked with Rajesh Prayaga, Founder and Managing Director at Ybrant Partners. In this conversation, the two discuss the People Related AI Solutions that Ybrant Partners have been involved with in the past years; they have heavily utilized the relevant power of artificial intelligence.


Prayaga outlines his twenty plus years in the IT industry, creating innovative SAP and Global ERP solutions for companies like Caterpillar, Glaxosmithkline, Jaguar, Land Rover, etc. Now, he has shifted his focus to people related solutions that apply artificial intelligence. At this point, he says, AI is essentially required in the field; large data analysis creates perspectives and resources never before considered.

Ybrant’s Goal

As Managing Director, Prayaga has an intimate relationship with every aspect of the product he wants his company to deliver. Typically, he finds, companies ask Consultant Firms for better tools and productivity without considering the heart of the problem. An end without the means – employees. This is what Prayaga tries to focus his company on with People Related AI Solutions. He asks his analysts questions like: “What does an employee need to succeed on a daily basis?” For example, if an employee always has the ‘Monday Blues’, what can his line manager do to make Mondays better for this employee and those like him? How can they help if he’s stressed out? What moods lead to unproductive behavior and employees not delivering and how can the company prevent them? What data can the company analyze and gain insights from to counter this?

Ybrant uses the data collected by observing the company and answering these questions to assess which employees are performing best/worst? This is specifically not to penalize the worse performing employees. The goal is to assess to identify and then help those employees that are struggling a bit more with their tasks succeed. Prayaga asserts that helping the weaker employees of companies is key to a company’s overall success.

Project Example

To paint a better picture of what Ybrant Partners can accomplish, Prayaga presents a real-world company example: a company CEO gives his top ten employees a high-priority project to work on. He believes that this project requires an “A-team” of resilient and organized employees. Therefore, Ybrant’s consulting team will look at the team members’ behavior in stressful situations and also Employee-to-Employee relations to maximize productivity and delivery in a short time.

The main measurement of a successful consultation, according to Prayaga, is user adoption. A consultant can create the best solution ever, but it’s near useless if few employees use the solution. The company may benefit in the short-term, but the solution must be applicable in the long-term for the company to truly improve. Additionally, tech delivery and product efficiency are important factors in measuring the success of a consultation. In summary, he says that the role of Ybrant is to present the company with a statement like: “if you a, b and c and watch these parameters, the team will complete the project and the company will succeed” and make a correct prediction.


As a parting message, Prayaga tells the Querlo audience to reach out to Ybrant Partners if they are struggling to improve solution adoption. Those with questions can visit, or learn more at Ybrant Partners’ page on LinkedIn and @ybrantp on Twitter. They can also reach out to Prayaga personally by sending a prompt email to