How Can AI Shape Our Return to Work in a New Reality? A Conversation with David Emanuel

David Emanuel is the Chief Human Resources Officer at APR Energy. He has more than 30 years of global human resources experience, including a position as the Senior Vice President of Global Human Resources at CIT. On Thursday, May 21, Francesco Rulli, Global CEO of Querlo, and David spoke about what the transition back to work will look like after the COVID-19 pandemic in the near future, and in the distant future, and the role that Artificial Intelligence will play in those changes. David stated that coming back to work is “[his] biggest focus, and how [they] can do that safely is an immediate challenge.” 

When asked whether he has seen a difference in the morales and sentiment of the employees of the companies he works with throughout the COVID-19 crisis, David says that he believes the crisis has had a direct impact on employees, especially in terms of their productivity—he thinks they are wondering, “am I working hard enough?” He believes that companies need to figure out a better way to validate people’s work and ensure that they see the impact their work is having. Francesco noted that he has found a similar sentiment among others he has talked to. People who are used to having conversations in person are struggling with the fact that they can’t even see other people’s faces while they are talking to them. This has a tendency to lower motivation to work hard and lower the sense of satisfaction from work that is already done. For these reasons, companies need to figure out how their employees can effectively work from home. 

Another important factor that arises from this is that lower motivation and satisfaction might lead to struggles with mental health and anxiety. Francesco noted that Querlo has recently launched a chatbot that can help companies assess the condition their employees are in order to provide them with the support they need. 

The big question that everyone has been asking and wondering about lately is “will we be going back to normal, or alternatively, what will a new normal look like?” When prompted with this question, David responded that he did not think we will ever be going back to the “old normal.” However, interestingly, he also believes that we haven’t yet seen the “new normal”. He states that he thinks collaborative spaces will definitely need to “change shape” in the near future, but five years from now, things could be completely different because we will have had the opportunity to work through issues that arise with new ways of working and formulate the safest and most effective way of moving forward.

AI with a 💖— Supporting 700-Year-Old Italian Art and Culture during COVID-19 Together.

The COVID-19 pandemic has prevented people from being able to travel and be around large groups of people, and as a result, many famous historic locations that financially rely on tourist revenue are greatly suffering. In an effort to support one of Italy’s greatest displays of historic art and architecture, Querlo has recently created a chatbot that is aimed at encouraging people to donate to help maintain Italy’s wonderful monuments of cultural and artistic importance. 

This chatbot is not only practical in the sense that it will increase the number of donations these monuments receive, but it is also informative since it allows people to learn more about the Opera del Duomo through a series of short videos that give tours of parts of the complex and provide an overview of the culture they bring to Italy. It creates an exchange of knowledge and passion to join people together to help keep the 700-year-old beauty and history of these monuments alive. 

Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore

One of the most innovative and clever features of this chatbot is that it allows people to have virtual “conversations” with artists from the Renaissance period. For example, people are able to “interact” with Donatello, Filippo Brunelleschi, Michaelangelo, and others. People can ask the artists questions they have about COVID-19, concerns they may, or anything else. Through these conversations, people who are experiencing loss and loneliness during this pandemic can relate to Renniasance artists who likely endured similar difficulties during their own time. Their questions will also help train the Natural Language Understanding (NLU) abilities of this chatbot. The arts, and the culture and spirituality associated with them, are an excellent way to find comfort.

This chatbot supports both people and historic institutions during this time when comfort is much needed. This type of technology can also be used to help and support other causes or institutions that are struggling with similar issues due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are interested in learning more about Querlo’s Artificial Intelligence programs, reach out to

The only thing we can’t buy is time

The only thing we can’t buy back is our time, from the day we are born our days are counted. The life expectancy of a US citizen is 77.8 years*, which accounts for about 28,397 days, Italians make it to 82.7 years* which accounts for an extra 1788.50 days.

We spend up to 28%** of the professional time reading emails, dedicating much of our very precious time to repetitive tasks that can be managed by an AI-powered digital assistant. At Querlo we started building AI-powered digital assistants and chatbots in 2014, as of today we designed hundreds of different solutions empowering thousands of use cases.

During this journey we learned a few things:

a) Digital transformation starts from within the company, that is why it is important that HR embraces this transformation to inspire other departments.

b) Educating employees to use and leverage Artificial Intelligence is a benefit for both the company and the employee on a personal level.

c) Robots and machines were created to provide humans more freedom to execute valuable and fulfilling tasks, improve happiness and spend more time with the loved once.

The “quantity” of money generated by a business is no longer the measure of success, today success is based on the “quality” of time spent being productive, providing happiness to the communities surrounding us.

If you want to learn more about our journey in this space don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Francesco Rulli 

“There is nothing greater in life than empowering others to succeed. Artificial Intelligence is my tool of choice to help people achieve their personal aspirations.” 

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Intelligence is not about what you know but about what you don’t know.

Companies, institutions, buildings, infrastructures, are as “smart” as their capacity to learn.

Querlo provides Artificial Intelligence solutions to empower companies to learn from people, maintain an ever-green conversation, and grow exponentially the company’s intelligence (data, skills and inspiration).

The ability of Querlo, the artificial intelligence with a 💖, to measure sentiment and emotion, allows to humanize artificial intelligence and foster an intimate relationship between humans and bots, motivating humans to educate the artificial intelligence and constantly improve.

Let me clarify, this is not just about Artificial Intelligence helping humans to have a better experience but it is about humans educating Artificial Intelligence to improve and consequently provide them with a better experience.

Does your company have a digital portal that facilitates a fluid conversation between the company and people? Or does it still rely on a static order or contact form? Today this can be done with touch screen in the lobby of a building or an airport, a voice-activated speaker, or a web-based chatbot, to mention a few options.

Can clients and employee contribute to the company intelligence sharing their stories and experience? Your company might have millions of clients but how deep is your company’s intelligence and capacity to learn from them? Facebook’s and Amazon’s success is based on their capacity to learn from people and build a compelling first-party database leveraging third party content and products. Profits come as a consequence of their intelligence, quantity and quality of data


I just spent two weeks in Dubai where I interacted with several “people” of the hospitality industry, but, because of their lack of curiosity and their obsession of their own brand, they failed to learn from me, the customer with real-life experience.

A Hotel can interact with me with touch screens located in the lobby, and learn that I am a passionate sailor and that I just raced in a regatta in Dubai, this information could be stored in their CRM (customer relationship management), and could allow the Hotel to customize my experience when I enter my room, with beautiful images of sailing races on my TV screen and an invite to sail at the Marina. At the hotel where I stayed in Dubai, I am considered a VIP client but nobody from the management took the time to engage on a genuine conversation with me, maybe it is time for them to program a truly intelligent chatbot with a 💖!

The restaurant can learn that I am originally from Tuscany and my contribution to them is an evaluation of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil quality along with the quality of their Mediterranean dishes offered on their menu. How disappointing when this week the waitress of a very nice Mediterranean restaurant failed to ask me and my guests where we are from, indeed a team of businesspeople from Italy, India and Switzerland, a true treasure of perspectives and experiences.

The coffee shop can learn from me on the ideal temperature for a cappuccino and the appropriate amount of milk and foam, including, discover the reason why it is called “Cappuccino”. The coffee should be hot while the milk and foam luck warm, Cappuccino are inspired by the colours of the clothes of the Cappuccini monks. This is not just a coffee but a true experience of cultural value.

With Querlo, those conversations can be held in the intimacy of a conversation between a person and a bot, outside the indiscreet eyes of social media, preserving the privacy of both parties, the people and the companies (bots).

  • Can a company appreciate human skills and expertise? 
  • Can a company learn and mould the experience accordingly and in real-time? 

This is what we call Conversational Marketing, Conversational Commerce, Conversational Experience, where the conversation fuels the intelligence, and the intelligence shapes the experience. 

Querlo is created by a team of passionate Italian and American consultants and technologists who empower companies and institutions to learn from humans, and get smarter with artificial intelligence “with a 💖”.

Someone very special just walked through the lobby of your building or just held your product in their hands, and your company failed to establish a conversation and learn more about who they are and what they are passionate about, this was a loss. Carpe Diem!

You must empower your company of cognitive learning artificial intelligence with a sincere interest in what people are passionate about and measuring with the attention of their sentiments and emotions to fuel an everlasting engaging conversation. 

I live my life by a simple philosophy: “If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room!”, I believe that companies should live by the same philosophy.