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Workspace Communication with Artificial Intelligence: Creating Effective Dialogue In Companies: Carolyn Peer

Lorenzo Meriggi / June 13, 2021

Francesco Rulli, CEO of Querlo, recently interviewed Carolyn Peer, CEO of Humaxa, continuing Querlo’s interview series with HR executives. Humaxa builds AI assistants to assist HR departments improve their communications with employees, employee sentiment, and generally, workspace communication with Artificial Intelligence. 


Carolyn Peer started her journey within the HR technology space at a startup called Pro-Business, later bought by ADP. Peer continued to work for ADP and assisted them in running learning and performance organizations for national accounts. Over the 17 years Peer worked at Pro-Business and then ADP, she noticed a pattern in client’s desires. Many people wanted to use data and predictive analytics to “detect, predict, and prevent workforce issues from ever becoming issues in the first place”. Peer noted that there weren’t any programs that served those purposes on the market and seized her opportunity. 

Artificial Intelligence, Communication and Humaxa

Therefore, Peer left ADP in 2017 and founded Humaxa to build products to give people what they needed using AI. One of the first projects they created was a digital assistant to help companies anonymously gather and organize data on client sentiment; this concerned innovation, diversity, career growth, company progression, and other areas where feedback is always necessary. The Digital Assistant allowed HR departments to act on their client’s feedback and make changes quickly and accurately. This Digital Assistant also connects with the clients and suggests how they could act upon any issues in the workplace. 

This type of Digital Assistant was particularly helpful in ensuring everyone within a workspace felt safe and protected from COVID-19. It would allow clients to input any worries they were having with co-workers not following proper guidelines, and the Digital Assistant would relay that information anonymously to the rest of the people in that workspace, reminding them to keep each other safe.  

To learn more about Humaxa and workspace communication with artificial intelligence, please visit their website, www.humaxa.com. Peer also invites you to email her directly at Carolyn.peer@humaxa.com