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David Sivils on Transporation, Artificial Intelligence, Historical Figures

Lorenzo Meriggi / June 13, 2021

Francesco Rulli, CEO of Querlo, recently discussed the ways Artificial Intelligence and Historical Figures’ solutions can improve the efficiency of countless tasks with David Sivils, an executive who has his own consulting firm and is currently working for a leading transportation company. 


Sivils has worked in the transportation industry for over 23 years. Currently, he is researching the best transportation logistics softwares. Working in transportation and learning to produce the most effective travel technologies, Sivils has gained extensive knowledge in artificial intelligence. He explained that he has experience in areas such as data continuity, business continuity, disaster recovery, and cybersecurity. 

Furthermore, Sivils explains in the interview the crucial role artificial intelligence plays in improving transportation systems. He states that many transportation vendors “lean on machine learning and artificial intelligence to accelerate the product that they have and what they are doing with it”. Sivils notes that the transportation companies that excel furthest are those that skillfully incorporate machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions. Additionally, he mentions that AI “increases their productivity and what they’re looking toward the future with.”

Historical Applications of Artificial Intelligence

However, increasing productivity of transportation companies is not the only use Sivils sees for artificial intelligence systems. Rulli and Sivils concluded their conversation by discussing how AI systems such as Querlo’s MichelangeloAI can open opportunities for people. These systems capture the essence of historical figures, like Michelangelo, and help people understand the thoughts, mistakes, and strategies of our ancestors. Sivils mentions a quote by George Santiana: “those who forget the past are condemned to relive it”; he demonstrates how bots like the Michelangelo AI will help people learn from the past experience of those in history. 

Overall, Sivils demonstrated the importance of AI systems in all realms from the transportation industry, to personal growth. If you would like to hear more about his perspective on AI or ask Sivils any other questions, you can reach him on LinkedIn @Sivilsenterprises