You can’t handle the truth…about your (artificial) intelligence

Francesco Rulli / January 19, 2020

I am here to deliver you bad news. Just like raising children has been, and will be, an expensive endeavour, it will be an expensive endeavour educating your (artificial) intelligence. We are not going to sugar coat this, we are here to tell you the truth. Can you handle the truth?

Imagine the entire knowledge-base of your company digitalized and transformed into an interactive intelligence that can interact with employees, customers, investors, and even students or random visitors. Imagine if this knowledge-base could ask questions, provide answers, and improve based on those interactions.

You will realize immediately that your knowledge-base is not able to handle the variety and diversity of questions and suggestions. It’s at that point that you will have to step up to the plate and invest in improving your knowledge-base, policies, and best practice. 

Our solution will save you a lot of time, but will also force you and your team to develop better and better knowledge-base. You will start with a 40% success rate, it will climb to 50%, 60%, 70%, and it will stabilize at 80%, slowing down your progress and driving you crazy! Once you will get to that 80%, you will be able to say that you have started the process of Digitalization of your company and that now, finally! your company has an intelligent knowledge-base, which adapts to employee and market needs. In essence, even if you and some of your executives drop dead or run away, there is a process in place that allows your to company to learn and grow. Isn’t this what you want for your children?

Investors (Humans) will really appreciate this for many reasons; including some listed here below:

Employees (Humans) will not fulfil repetitive tasks but will use and develop their wisdom and use real and proprietary data.

Buyers (both Humans and Robots evaluating the purchase your company) will see an opportunity to scale the process to bigger numbers or diverse markets and solutions.

Partners (both Humans and Robots) will tag along and comply with your process escalating value for both.

Customers (Humans) will feel appreciated, protected and taken care of 24/7 and without an attitude. 

If you can handle the truth, reach out to me and let’s talk.