Leveraging Querlo’s AI in HR: NYC RPA Solutions Summit (May 2019)

Lorenzo Meriggi / June 14, 2019

The NYC RPA Solutions Summit was an amalgamation of AI industry leaders with the focus of providing useful insights into the application and integration process of AI into scalable industries. Speakers from prestigious institutions such as AIG, Cognizant, Ernst & Young, Genpact, Cedrus Digital, and IBM were among the many organizations that presented alongside the Querlo CEO, Francesco Rulli, to deliver a collective and refreshing view of the AI industry as it exists today.

As a solution-driven organization, Querlo’s mission is to drive engagement and improve user experience through the facilitation of B2B, B2C, and B2E transactions across the web, mobile, and voice sectors of the communications industry. By leveraging the advanced qualities of existing Cloud and AI software from Microsoft and IBM, Querlo provides customers with the unique service of tailoring advanced AI systems to a specific consumer’s needs.

Querlo’s solutions span across four main categories: Sales and Customer Service, Marketing and Events, Enterprise B2E, and Bespoke AI Solutions. Querlo’s unique sales and customer service approach translates into increased conversion rates and user engagement through conversational AI that interacts with users, generating leads through digital marketing campaigns.

Marketing and Events are a quintessential element of Querlo’s mission to use AI as a complement to Human intelligence. Through Querlo’s personalized analytics, AI solutions can interact with customers and obtain the most relevant pieces of statistical information from each interaction, offering customers with an unprecedented view into the behaviors of their own users. With the insights garnered from Querlo’s intuitive software, customers can implement changes that improve their products and services, as well as giving them pertinent insights to structure marketing campaigns.

Enterprise B2E is one of Querlo’s signature services, as it breathes new life into existing documents and systems. Using conversational AI, employees can obtain the information they need in an interactive, easy way without having to read through extensive manuals and company protocols. On the other hand, employers can control the level of engagement, make decisions about what information is most important for the employees, and monitor the flow of information between the levels of an organization.

The bespoke AI solutions sector of Querlo focuses on tailoring AI systems to logistically improve business performance. Querlo’s bespoke AI solutions analyze the business model of a firm to find tasks that have the potential for automation. When automation is implemented on the correct procedures, it has a streamlining effect that gives employees more time to make more important decisions that cannot be automated.

Based on Querlo’s current metrics, the logistical benefits of using our AI systems have led to a 40% decrease in work-related transactions, a 300% improvement in employee satisfaction, and a leading average response time of 20 seconds. With 25 supported languages on our conversational AI software including Chinese and Arabic, users from around the world can access the information they need when they need it, 24/7.


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