Chatbot Assistant Press

Lorenzo Meriggi / April 16, 2019

Beware! A personal Chatbot Assistant is about to take off!

This is a platform for individuals or companies to create an informative personal chatbot that virtually interacts with your audience like a human.

Sound’s…intriguing you say? You’re probably also wondering what this personal Chatbot Assistant really does? Well, what if we were to tell you that a virtual representation of yourself (to an extent) is about to become a reality? Not only would your Chatbot Assistant answer questions to your audience, it will also collect information from them!

Querlo’s platform is the ideal solution to build your audience. As influencers, entrepreneurs, or creatives, you can share your personal stories, build up your collaborative network with colleagues, or simply keep in touch with your friends.

For a more formal term, the personal Chatbot Assistant acts as an automated human customer service counterpart, virtually operating exactly like you.

It will get progressively smarter, translating into actionable Analytics to assist you with anything you need, from scheduling activities, phone calls and meetings.

✓Engage your audience
✓Save time
✓Generate your CRM of insights
✓Manage conversations in one platform

✓Your 24/7 personal assistant
✓Highly Customizable
✓Easy and fast to build

1.Visit our page below
2.Chat with Querlo, share your story and customize your content
3.Receive your Chatbot Assistant in email
4.Relax. Life is about to become a lot easier

Build your Chatbot Assistant today!

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