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Using AI to Get to the Root of Societal Issues: A Conversation with Janine Dennis

Lorenzo Meriggi / October 2, 2020

In continuation with Querlo’s interview series, Francesco Rulli, Global CEO of Querlo, spoke with Janine Dennis, Chief Innovations Officer at Talent Think Innovations, about the challenges and opportunities in the post covid era and the role of Artificial Intelligence in the future.

Talent Think Innovations is a multi-disciplinary and management consulting firm. Janine focuses on workforce planning and talent management, as well as digital marketing and tech advisory. She has also recently been helping to develop wellness initiatives with multiple companies. 

Currently, the state we are in right now is due to an unsustainable pace in business and a disregard towards health and wellness. In post covid, Janine believes we are going to have to take an integrative approach to figuring out how to have people live and work in a way that isn’t damaging to society and individuals. 

Artificial Intelligence typically has a bad reputation as many don’t fully understand it. However, as a technologist, Janine tries to look at the opportunities it holds. She believes we have reached a plateau as a human race in terms of our ability to really get to the root of a lot of our societal issues. AI can be a middle ground to take some of the work off of our backs and start to give us more useful data on why things are the way they are so we can improve them in a real and meaningful way. Overall, AI could be a great facilitator of us being a better species.

To learn more, Janine is present on most social platforms except Facebook, or you can visit Talent Think Innovations’ website