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The Gen Z Perspective on post-COVID and the role of AI: A Conversation with Janae Fouche

Lorenzo Meriggi / July 27, 2020

In continuation of Querlo’s interview series, Phoebe Degn, intern at Querlo, spoke with Janae Fouche, intern at the Edge of Yesterday, about the challenges and opportunities in the post-COVID era and the role of Artificial Intelligence. Janae is currently a rising senior in high school and has been writing articles and doing media production for the Edge of Yesterday.

Janae believes many challenges are going to arise in the post-COVID era as people re-adjust to being in public. For a long time many will likely be hesitant to go to public places such as movie theatres and museums because nobody knows who is sick. Additionally, traveling will be adversely affected because countries are dealing with COVID differently. However, Janae discussed how there are many new opportunities for entrepreneurs as people’s creativity is being tested in this world of uncertainty.

When asked about AI, Janae talked about how it will be very prevalent in this new era. Without it, we wouldn’t have all the opportunities that we do today, such as being able to work remotely and still communicate with others during the pandemic. As a whole, our country would not be the same as it is today without AI and its capabilities are only going to increase.