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Inspiring the Next Generation of Employees: A Conversation with Kim Schofield

Lorenzo Meriggi / September 23, 2020

In continuation of Querlo’s interview series, Francesco Rulli, Global CEO of Querlo, spoke with Kim Schofield, Founder of O2K LTD, about the challenges and opportunities in the post-covid era and the role of Artificial Intelligence in the future.

O2K Limited is a business development advisory based in the United Emirates that works with clients to develop and implement business development, offset and localization strategies. They provide business development expertise to companies seeking to establish business in the GCC. Kim has spent over 35 years of experience in manufacturing engineering and international business development. 

Kim believes that one of the most important aspects of getting the economy back up and running is inspiration. She has seen a lot of strategic planning materials with pillars of innovation and communication but she has never seen the pillar of inspiration. Without the mechanisms and resources to inspire the next generation of employees, there is going to be a large deficit. Kim also discussed how industries need to find a way to leverage offsets and in-country value programs to further develop and help SMEs in the post-covid era.

One area that Kim believes new technology can help to improve is the management of supply chains. There is currently no database that is able to map and verify all the capabilities of the different companies. The opportunity for AI is to use and manipulate that data to inform companies on their capability gaps and where they need to focus their resources.

To hear more from Kim, you can connect with her on LinkedIn or visit the O2K website