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Improving Efficiency in the Transportation Industry: A Conversation with David Sivils

Lorenzo Meriggi / August 30, 2020

What role does Artificial Intelligence play in the transportation industry? How can technology improve the efficiency of business? David Sivils, Vice President of IT at Western Express, recently discussed these topics in a conversation with Francesco Rulli, Global CEO of Querlo. 

Western Express is a truckload carrier, based in Nashville, Tennessee, that operates throughout the United States. David has been with the company for about 3 years with the goal of bringing the IT department up to par with the rest of the transportation industry. He focuses on every aspect of technology to ensure that the infrastructure, software development, and communications are at their highest levels. 

Artificial Intelligence is starting to get a lot of attention in the industry. David discussed how it can be used for predictive maintenance for tractors and trailers by reviewing historical data and finding trends. This would give the company a better idea of what transpired in the past so they know what to expect in the future. In addition, it will also help them figure out when client demand tends to be higher. The hope is that with AI they can address a situation before it happens as opposed to while it’s happening, which will be more cost effective.

Thinking about the use of chatbots, David believes they would be a very useful tool for Western Express’ website. Chatbots would be available 24/7 to answer frequently asked questions, which would make the process of getting answers much simpler for customers.

To learn more about David’s work, you can connect with him through LinkedIN.