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How Can Businesses Take Advantage of the Changes COVID-19 Has Created: A Conversation with Vivek Khanna

Lorenzo Meriggi / July 1, 2020

“For any agile organization, every change represents an opportunity,” said Vivek Khanna, President of Neeyamo, in his discussion with Francesco Rulli, Global CEO of Querlo. The two spoke about the challenges that COVID-19 has created and the opportunities that might arise, as well as the future of Artificial Intelligence.

Neeyamo is an international HR services company based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu that is committed to helping companies create stronger businesses. It offers cloud transformation, global payroll, onboarding, employee background screening, benefits administration, and employee data management for companies across the globe. 

COVID-19 has changed the way we look at every aspect of our lives, including the way we communicate and the way we work. Offices are now entirely empty, with some of the largest companies telling employees to not even physically return to work when the pandemic ends. Vivek noted that one of the biggest challenges is going to be what to use these office buildings for as people continue to work remotely. Additionally, executives have to be more wary of their spending due to a loss in revenue. However, there are many opportunities that can emerge as companies adapt to this new era. Vivek described how supply chains of manufactured goods are beginning to change so companies will be prepared if something like this ever happens again. This could create an increase in revenue for countries such as Canada and Mexico and many states in the U.S. 

Vivek strongly believes that AI will be a positive influence in the future. In terms of businesses, it can assist with any task that requires going through and trying to make sense of large masses of data. Furthermore, with enterprises that have the responsibility of managing a diverse number of employees, AI could assist with cross language communication. Vivek continues by discussing how it could also help people with disabilities who currently aren’t able to rely on other humans as much as they normally would. He specifically mentions something that could be created with Google that could act as a lens for blind people. 

To learn more about the services that Neeyamo provides, you can visit their website at www.neeyamo.com or contact Vivek directly at vivek@neeyamo.com.