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Readjusting in the New Era: A Conversation with Destiny Crawford

Lorenzo Meriggi / August 15, 2020

Continuing Querlo’s Gen Z interview series, Phoebe Degn, intern at Querlo, spoke with Destiny Crawford, intern at Edge of Yesterday, about the challenges and opportunities in the post-covid era and the role of Artificial Intelligence in the future. At Edge of Yesterday, Destiny helps produce stories through history and storytelling. 

Destiny believes there are going to be many challenges trying to adjust what could be called a new normal in the post-covid era. Millions of people lost their jobs due to the pandemic and many won’t be able to recover. However, the hope is that as we enter this new era that people will be able to readjust and get their footing back. 

In the future, Destiny thinks AI will be very beneficial. For example, she mentions how it could possibly be used to detect future events such as another outbreak like covid so we can be better prepared.