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Creating a Digital Health Strategy in this New Era: A Conversation with Matthew Park

Lorenzo Meriggi / July 31, 2020

As covid rapidly spread across the country, companies struggled as they had to shift completely to working remotely. With the pandemic came a digital transformation that many had not been prepared for and had to work tirelessly to figure out how to continue business in these extraordinary conditions. Recently, Francesco Rulli, Global CEO of Querlo, spoke with Matthew Park, General Manager of North America at Dacadoo, about the challenges and opportunities during the pandemic and in the post-covid era, as well as the role of Artificial Intelligence in the future. 

Dacadoo is a Zurich-based technology company that is working to drive digital transformation in healthcare. The company works mostly with the insurance sector, such as life insurers and health insurers, to provide digital engagement strategies and risk quantification. It combines mobile technologies, social networking, gamification, AI, and big data analytics to help their users improve their health and wellbeing.

One of the biggest challenges that Dacadoo faced  as covid struck was the change in the sales process and how they were going to adapt. Their main marketing method had been attending conferences, where they would have speaking roles and meet people, but that was not possible during the pandemic. Therefore, they had to shift that budget to digital media, which they didn’t have at the time. Matt described how they had to create new digital platforms and schedule webinars, which became difficult as they had to compete with hundreds of other companies trying to hold webinars at the same time. Their sales cycle also started to slow down as big companies like the life and health insurers that Dacadoo does business with don’t want to spend too much while they aren’t sure yet how the pandemic is going to affect them. 

Despite all the difficulties that covid has created, it has also created an awareness of why companies need to have a digital health strategy. Matt spoke about how the pandemic will actually kick-start many companies into a faster platform acquisition process. He believes there are going to be many opportunities in the future in this new digital era.

When asked about the role of AI, Matt discussed how it is a very important part of their platform as it ingests real-time data from users. They collect up to 100 data points about people’s health through wearables and through their app. The digital coach is what pulls all the information together in a database and then uses AI to understand a person’s health and how it’s evolving. One very important aspect of their app is that with the use of AI, they are able to make the app more personalized as they are able to have conversations with users about their health so they can make improvements.

To learn more about Dacadoo and its services, you can visit their website or email Matt at matt.park@dacadoo.com.