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Coexisting with AI in the Future: A Conversation with Amaresh Tripathy

Lorenzo Meriggi / August 20, 2020

In continuation of Querlo’s interview series, Francesco Rulli, Global CEO of Querlo, spoke with Amaresh Tripathy, Global Business Lead for Analytics at Genpact, about the challenges and opportunities during covid and in the post-covid era and the role of Artificial Intelligence in the future. 

Genpact is an international professional services firm that provides digital transformation to businesses. They currently have about 8,500 employees globally. Amaresh’s job includes helping clients with their data foundation, insights, and AIML work.

Amaresh began by discussing how, despite the many challenges that have occurred since the pandemic began, there have been many new opportunities for his company. Because existing models haven’t been working as well, they are seeing a lot of demand for data analytics. The experts have begun second-guessing their judgement as well and have a desire for data as well.In addition, there has also been a greater interest in investing in more foundational areas to organize data the right way and access it quicker.

A recent IDC survey showed that 65% of the models haven’t been working, with one main reason being that they don’t interact with humans in the right way. Amaresh explained how important it is to find a better way for AI and humans to coexist. In the future, he hopes that there will be improvements in how AI interacts with humans and how humans can cooperate better with AI.

To learn more about Genpact, you can visit their website.