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Changing our Decision-Making Processes in the New Era: A Conversation with Andrea Iorio

Lorenzo Meriggi / August 14, 2020

In continuation of Querlo’s interview series, Francesco Rulli, Global CEO of Querlo, spoke with Andrea Iorio, digital transformation speaker and best selling author, about the challenges and opportunities during covid and in the post covid era, as well as the role of Artificial Intelligence in the future. 

Andrea is currently located in Brazil and has professional experience at Tinder and L’Oreal. In addition, he is a keynote speaker and author who discusses topics such as digital transformation, Artificial Intelligence, and leadership. Andrea recently published a book about the six skills needed for digital transformation, which can be found on Amazon.

The most important question that covid has raised for businesses is how they are going to lead with such an unforeseeable future. Businesses had been used to planning and strategizing years ahead of time which is now not possible. However, there are still many opportunities that can arise from these changes. The first change Andrea mentioned is that people are now freed from thinking the way they were in the past. While path dependence, which explains how we use our successes from the past to influence new decisions, does have successful outcomes, it also prevents businesses from quickly responding to current changes in the environment. Andrea hopes that businesses will soon begin reshaping their decision-making processes to become more customer-focused and to not be as reliant on long-term planning.

Looking ahead, Artificial Intelligence will be a very useful tool when trying to improve the management of data. In a world of infinite variables, traditional decision-making processes may not be sufficient anymore. AI will be able to make decisions more efficiently and accurately. In addition, it will also help businesses engage in conversations with customers in a more personalized manner and at a larger scale. Furthermore, AI will become very beneficial when trying to reduce bottlenecks when generating values through businesses. Because it can replicate some of the ways that humans think, AI can take a step further than what previous technology is capable of doing.

To hear more from Andrea, you can visit his website or connect with him through LinkedIN.