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Artificial Intelligence in the Fashion Industry: A Conversation with Bjorn Bengtsson

Lorenzo Meriggi / August 30, 2020

In continuation of Querlo’s interview series, Francesco Rulli, Global CEO of Querlo, spoke with Bjorn Bengtsson, Chief Product and Supply Chain Officer at UNTUCKit, about the challenges and opportunities in the COVID era and the role of Artificial Intelligence in the future.

UNTUCKit is an American men’s apparel company that sells casual shirts designed to be untucked. The company, established in 2011, currently has its headquartersin New York City. Bjorn is in charge of the design of the product, the production supply chain, and overseeing the distribution. In addition to his work at UNTUCKit, he is also a professor at Parson New School of Design in New York City.

While it is still unclear what impact COVID will have on businesses long-term, there are still many short-term consequences that Bjorn and his team at UNTUCKit have been focusing on. The most important issue they need to address is how to get customers into stores again. With that, they must determine what kind of experience the company needs to provide to make people feel safe and supported. Additionally, not being able to physically visit factories has made it difficult to figure out how to operate the supply chain efficiently. 

When asked about the role of Artificial Intelligence, Bjorn discussed how it was already being used in predictive analysis. This includes tracking purchase behaviors and instilling an amount of machine learning to further their ability to analyze consumer behavior. However, Bjorn believes that AI will only work under certain conditions of predictive analysis because fashion consumers are not completely predictable. One concern that he has as AI is being used more is that people in the fashion industry have been less focused on other elements, such as design. AI needs to be looked at as a tool but not a solution and people cannot rely on it to solve all their problems. 

To hear more from Bjorn, you can connect with him through LinkedIN