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Artificial Intelligence and the Post-COVID Era: A Conversation with Daniel Finacchio

Lorenzo Meriggi / June 30, 2020

Continuing Querlo’s interview series on the challenges of the post-COVID era, Francesco Rulli, Global CEO of Querlo, interviewed Daniel Finacchio, HR Operation and Transformation Executive, about the role artificial intelligence might play in the future. Daniel has been an HR executive for over 25 years, working across multiple industries both in-house and as a consultant. 

Daniel noted that one of the primary challenges of the post-COVID era will be figuring out how to keep the workforce healthy. While achieving profit margins and revenue targets, employers will need to ensure that their employees are “happy, healthy, and safe.” However, as people continue to work remotely, it becomes increasingly important to “leverag[e] technologies to have better collaboration, more interaction,” so employees don’t feel isolated but rather that they are still part of this broader community. 

Francesco then posed a question about what Daniel envisions as the role of artificial intelligence for the future. Daniel sees the first challenge as how you run AI as an organization, by function or Enterprise Solutions? There are a number of different AI applications, such as CRM tools, ERP, customer service solutions, for which you must ask yourself if you want to stay within your specific business function or consider the more expensive enterprise-wide AI. Although specific business functions provide useful insights on customer data, by sharing the feedback across your broader enterprise you are able to leverage it to its full advantage, add greater long term value to your company and improve both the customer and the employee experience. As Daniel points out, a better experience for the employee makes a better experience for the customer.

Daniel adds that investing in AI “is no different than managing a workforce.” By this, he means that a company must consider the long term maintenance of AI by continually assessing and updating its use and evaluating its impact on its human workforce.

To learn more about Daniel Finacchio’s perspective on this topic or to reach out for other HR related questions, you can find him through LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/daniel-finacchio/.