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Allowing Companies to do More with Less: A Conversation with Steven Gargano

Lorenzo Meriggi / December 5, 2020

Recently, Francesco Rulli, Global CEO of Querlo, spoke with Steven Gargano, CFO at CreditRiskMonitor, about the role that Artificial Intelligence plays in an industry and how a Cognitive Officer can assist. In addition, they briefly discussed the Michelangelo AI that Francesco has been developing with his team at the Opera del Duomo in Florence. 

CreditRiskMonitor provides financial risk analysis and news services for about 58,000  companies worldwide. They provide in-depth credit and financial analysis for public and private companies. Before becoming CFO, Steven worked in audit, financial consulting, hedge funds, and private equity funds.

Artificial Intelligence is what allows a company to do more with less. It’s able to analyze data more efficiently and allow for agile decision making so a company can allocate the necessary resources to exactly where they need to be. In addition, AI can analyze outcomes in real time. Steven discussed how the key is getting people within organizations on board, finding the right business partner, and determining the framework for what goal the AI is supposed to meet.

When considering the role of a Cognitive Officer within an organization, it is important to differentiate it from IT. While IT can assist with any technological needs, a Cognitive Officer is necessary to develop the framework and purpose of the AI. 

After interacting with the Michelangelo AI, Steven reported back that the application felt very human-like and personalized. It is able to prompt the user to further interact with it.

To learn more, you can connect with Steven on LinkedIn or visit CreditRiskMonitor’s website.