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Enabling People to Quantify Their Health and Artificial Intelligence: An Interview with Peter Ohnemus

Lorenzo Meriggi / June 13, 2021

In continuation of their Empowering AI interview series, Querlo’s CEO, Francesco Rulli met with Peter Ohnemus, CEO of Dacadoo. In their conversation, the two discuss the impacts of combining the two massive fields of Health and Artificial Intelligence; they also touch upon the effectiveness of quantifying health.

Health Scores via Artificial Intelligence

Dacadoo is one of the first companies to ever create an algorithm to measure and quantify people’s health. Based in Switzerland but accessible globally, they measure many very relevant variables. Included are sleep quality, exercise and food habits and pre-existing health conditions; this data and much more is used to create a value referred to as a person’s “Health Score”. This score, from 1-1000 accurately estimates individual mortality and morbidity likelihood. 

State of the Art Technologies

Of course, the use of state of the art AI systems makes this health score possible. Rulli and Ohnemus discuss how AI is becoming widely accepted by governments, health providers, and other crucial industries. Ohnemus notes that after people saw the ways AI helped them through the COVID pandemic, the “acceptance from society towards AI had grown” as well as the acceptance of “digitalization in general”. Ohnemus adds that even the finance police of Switzerland, FINMA, is beginning regulate AI as it increases in popularity. 

Overall, this interview demonstrates a fascinating example of how AI helps people in their daily lives with critical tasks in addition to the many ways studying health and artificial intelligence together can benefit society. Ohnmus closes out by saying that he believes while AI is still only beginning acceptance into the world, it is “growing very nicely now in areas of life and health insurance industries.”