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AI and the Future of Learning: A Conversation with Molly Sargent

Lorenzo Meriggi / August 2, 2020

In continuation of Querlo’s interview series, Francesco Rulli, Global CEO of Querlo, spoke with Molly Sargent, CEO and Founder of ProImpress, about the challenges and opportunities in the post covid era and the role of Artificial Intelligence in the future.

ProImpress is a full-service training design and delivery consultancy that works to help its clients become more effective in client-facing and colleague-facing conversations. The company has worked with tens of thousands of professions, although generally the sales and service field, to support them in mastering the skills they need to engage with their clients and colleagues in an effective and meaningful way. 

The challenges of the pandemic started early as people were trying to figure out how to rapidly shift to working from home. Employees didn’t know how to engage with each other, they felt isolated, and those who were accustomed to routines that required physically being at work had to make a very quick pivot. However, what is so remarkable is to see how quickly the country was able to make this shift. As Molly described, people were ready to dive in and adapt to these extraordinary conditions which really demonstrates their willingness to try new skills and learn a whole new way of working. Molly also noted that she has really enjoyed getting a better sense of people’s personal lives through meeting with people on Zoom or WebEx. It really allows us to appreciate one another and add a sense of authenticity in communications.

Thinking about the role of AI in the post covid era, Molly believes that it will have a crucial role in making learning more engaging. She currently owns a patent on a high involvement learning platform and by incorporating AI it will be able to help people learn in a more fun and personalized way. By combining randomization and repetition, clients will be able to practice and contextualize their skills to develop their good habits and grow their ability. She is also about to release a new learning platform with the goal of connecting the information that people need to know with the playfulness of AI infused gamification. 

To learn more about ProImpress and their services, you can visit their website or contact Molly though LinkedIN.