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Addressing Hospitality and Tourism in the Covid Era: A Conversation with Phil Bruno

Lorenzo Meriggi / November 6, 2020

What challenges and opportunities has covid provided for the hospitality and tourism industry? How can Artificial Intelligence help achieve these new goals? Recently, Francesco Rulli, Global CEO of Querlo, spoke about these topics in an interview with Phil Bruno, Senior Executive and Founder of Treat’em Right.

Treat’em Right’s mission is to create the best possible experience for visitors and create positive and lasting relationships with brands. The industries they work with include hospitality, tourism, sports and entertainment, and live events.

Covid has made it very challenging to get locals to participate in the tourism community. There is a lot of fear about the virus being spread in the air and many tend to prefer staycations. However, Phil explained that experience providers need to ensure they are following safety precautions so guests feel comfortable. In addition, it’s important to remain warm and welcoming when communication with guests to let them know while this is definitely not the normal experience, it is still going to be great.

Artificial Intelligence can play a very important role in educating and informing people about specific questions. Phil would previously deliver live presentations at large conferences where individuals were able to ask questions and their specific needs would be addressed. However, this isn’t as easy with e-learning because participants are unable to interact with presenters. AI can be a way to deliver that individualized experience to audience members.

To learn more, you can visit Treat’em Right’s website or Phil Bruno’s YouTube Channel.