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AI in Marketing – Daria Andriichuk

Lorenzo Meriggi / September 25, 2021


Artificial Intelligence is helping us grow and flourish! Recently, Francesco Rulli, CEO of Querlo, talked with Daria Andriichuk, an owner and Facebook Specialist at Melon Marketing. They had an interesting conversation about artificial intelligence in marketing, the world of advertisement, and how its role is evolving to become relevant in many new fields.

AI’s Evolving Role

As owner of and Facebook Specialist for Melon Marketing, Andriichuk comes in constant contact with the marketing industry and has observed how the role of artificial intelligence has changed and expanded even in the past few years. She outlines how AI writes 10% of all content written on The Internet; AI is basically all over the place. Facebook and Google Ads are directed and created by AI. In her opinion, PPC Campaigns could not happen without the help of AI. New, high-speed website performance and experience is all due to the power of AI.

Data Collections

Andriichuk, when prompted by Rulli, expands on how AI and bots are currently collecting vast amounts of data and information on users across The Internet. For example, Netflix consistently provides relevant movie suggestions because of AI; Spotify gives weekly new music suggestions based on the type of music that the user enjoys…because of AI. Additionally, Andriichuk adds that even without Netflix or Spotify, if they are interacting with websites, they are interacting with AI. For example, nowadays, chatbots included on websites is now a very common, almost standard feature. These chatbots are implemented to improve customer service with 24/7 availability, offering level-headed assistance, the ability to attend to multiple customer complaints at one time all while maintaining a high standard of decency and respect for the customer.

Relevant Demographic

Rulli follows his previous question by asking about the demographic affected by the AI they have been discussing. In response, Andriichuk frankly replies there is no specific target demographic, this is relevant to all demographics across the world. Everyone on The Internet prefers to interact with a chatbot over a video ad, she says. It provides an engaging, personalized interaction for the user when the company in question proactively starts a conversation. For example, when searching for a specific product, Facebook ads can take you directly to the website of that product and the website has a chatbot to interact with. The chatbot asks what specific product the user desires and provides the best items for the best prices at all times. The chatbot can handle the entire process from choosing the product to purchase.


To conclude this interesting discussion of artificial intelligence’s growing role in consumerism, Andriichuk mentions that if an interested reader, or Querlo user would like to learn more about Melon Marketing and the field, they can reach out to her at daria@melonmarketing.biz, or visit the website, melonmarketing.biz.