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Staying Connected with Artificial Intelligence: A Conversation with Aimie Ferry-Sauvaire

Lorenzo Meriggi / December 6, 2020

With face-to-face interaction impossible possible during the pandemic, people search for other ways to connect with friends, family, and coworkers. Recently, Francesco Rulli, Global CEO of Querlo, spoke with Aimie Ferry-Sauvaire, Co-founder of Aika; they discussed the role of arts and culture in today’s world and how people stay connected with artificial intelligence.

Founded by Aimie Ferry-Sauvaire and her partner Karen Levy, Aika is a consulting platform that connects art, tech, and Asia. The platform integrates art with a more technical approach, such as VR and holograms, to create unique strategies and experiences for their audience. 

The role of art and culture is to connect people and allow for interaction. Aimie described how technology has been able to extend this connection during covid. With everyone stuck at home, unable to interact in person with those dear, we’re forced to look for alternative solutions. Looking ahead, Aika is developing a virtual reality program with headsets to bring to senior homes because they don’t physically have access to this art. 

Artificial Intelligence is a great tool that contributes to the dispersion of culture and allows more people to have access. This access comes in many different forms: from improving education options for younger people, or improving connectivity for those older. Younger audiences especially need a new, more interactive way of learning about culture and AI provides this experience. It is also a way for a museum or institution to reach a larger variety of people.

To learn more about staying connected with artificial intelligence through Aika, you can visit Aimie or Karen’s LinkedIn or Aika’s Instagram.