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Francesco Rulli on the Role of a Chief Cognitive Officer

Lorenzo Meriggi / September 14, 2020

Recently, Francesco Rulli shared his experience working in his three different roles: CEO of Querlo, Forbes Insight AI Partner, and Chief Digital and Cognitive Officer at the Opera del Duomo. In addition, he discussed his work as a Cognitive Officer and why his work is important.

Founded in 2015, Querlo is a technology agnostic AI company. Early on, Querlo was working to build 13 classrooms in Afghanistan to support the education of young women, but there were problems that arose during this construction. The company then decided to switch to the development of chatbots and AI to help educate people in a different way. As people became more dependent on technology during covid, Querlo’s business started booming because the world realized how important conversational AI is.

In addition to being CEO of Querlo, Francesco is also a Forbes Insights AI Partner. His job is to support and augment the Forbes insights operations with chatbots. During covid, he has been conducting a series of interviews with executives to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the post-covid era and the role of AI in the future.

Francesco’s final role is the Chief Digital and Cognitive Officer at the Opera del Duomo in Florence. The Opera holds and protects monuments such as the Cathedral of Florence, the Baptistry, the Tower of Giotto and the museum. The Opera contains works by artists including Donatello, Brunelleschi, Ghiberti, and Michelangelo. Francesco and his colleagues at the Opera have also been working to develop the Michelangelo AI, which allows the public to ask Michengelo questions and learn more about his life. 

The role of a Cognitive Officer is to leverage tools that are already available and implement them within an organization. They understand what technology can be further developed with machine learning or with different interpretations of the tools an organization already has. Francesco noted that one of his biggest challenges as a Cognitive Officer is to find the right stakeholder within an organization. It is important that they understand AI and have the tools to apply it in a way that will benefit both the employees and customers. 

To hear more from Francesco, you can connect with him through LinkedIN or email him.