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Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare – David Duplay

Lorenzo Meriggi / August 30, 2021


Data analytics to the rescue! Recently, Francesco Rulli, CEO of Querlo, talked with David Duplay, CEO of both Vital Options International and MedTera Healthcare Intelligence. They discussed what the two companies Duplay runs are doing to change the course of the healthcare industry via Artificial Intelligence.

Vital Options International is a 501c3 non-profit organization that helps patients living with chronic, terminal, or rare diseases. The company provides information, education or short-term financial support to patients as they’re battling for their lives. Relatedly, MedTera Healthcare Intelligence is a consulting firm that plays important roles in most of the aspects of the healthcare industry, from “providers to payers to pharmaceutical and biotech companies.” In this regard, MedTera’s main goal is to help healthcare based companies leverage Artificial Intelligence to boost their profits and help more struggling people.

Vital Options and MedTera

In their conversation, Duplay and Rulli discussed how the healthcare industry faces many positives and negatives during the COVID-19 pandemic. On the one hand, many healthcare businesses have embraced AI and made large steps to begin studying collected data. On the other hand, the pandemic also highlighted how the healthcare industry is dealing with tons of fragmented, siloed data.

To combat the negatives revealed by the pandemic, MedTera consults with healthcare companies across the industry. The company works specifically with employees to identify stress and burnout before the negative effects or the employee quits. Instead of letting the employees get the point where they call out and leave healthcare, MedTera provides a different path.

MedTera sees the healthcare professionals that burn out, unable to help people anymore due to depression and 18-20 hour days. Their mission is to help professionals, and also the patients who benefit when these people stay and love their work.


Duplay concluded the conversation by mentioning Vital Resiliency, an initiative launched by Vital Options International; the initiative aims to give healthcare professionals the resiliency and power to stay at their job via Risk Analyses and training curricula. Readers interested in learning more about this program can visit vitalresiliency.org for more information. For patients looking to learn more about how Vital Options International can keep you up to speed, Duplay says visit vitaloptions.org.