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AI in SAS, Medicine, Sailing – Paul French

Lorenzo Meriggi / September 24, 2021


Artificial Intelligence from the SAS Industry to sailing autopilots! Recently, Francesco Rulli, CEO of Querlo, talked with Paul French, co-director and founder of Intrinsic Executive Search. They had an interesting conversation about artificial intelligence’s recent expansion into many new areas of the world; this includes AI in SAS, medicine and sailing.

The SAS Industry

As a co-director of Intrinsic Executive Search, Paul French leads an executive search firm on the front lines of technology in the SAS industry today. His wide-reaching company services clients throughout America and Europe that are typically earlier stage, high-growth, VC-backed private equity businesses. These clients come internationally from the medical device, manufacturing, marketing automation sectors; and from the financial crime risk management, customer experience and natural language processing spaces. French reports on seeing that with many companies in the tech industry, artificial intelligence is beginning to make an impact. In fact, French jokes about how AI has become such a buzz-word that companies simply put “.ai” after their names to sound relevant.

The Medical Industry

As Rulli and French continue talking, French also mentions how he relatively recently invested in a company using AI in the medical industry. This company is using artificial intelligence to study large datasets and improve the diagnoses and outcomes specifically for skin cancer.


Lastly, as their connection stems from their enjoyment of sailing, Rulli asks French how AI has effected his sailing experience. French responds with notable excitement. First, he mentions how the America’s Cup (a large international sailing race) could not have happened without the massive AI, ML and data analysis of environmental effects on a racing yacht. Surprisingly, these yachts are verging on the technical level of an aircraft and Formula 1 racecars.

To conclude, French humbly talks about how his own little racing yacht uses an AI powered autopilot; the technology is seen at all levels.


If an interested reader, or Querlo user would like to learn more about Intrinsic Executive Search, they can go to www.intrinsicsearch.com, or reach Paul French directly through Francesco Rulli, LinkedIn, or paulfrench@intrinsicsearch.com. Learn more about AI in SAS, Medicine and Sailing!