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Artificial Intelligence for Historical Figures – Sarah Prodan

Lorenzo Meriggi / August 30, 2021


Artificial Intelligence, historical figures and education! Recently, Francesco Rulli, CEO of Querlo, talked with Sarah Prodan, PhD Assistant Professor at Stanford University. Sarah Prodan is a specialist in Italian literature, history and culture specifically in the Renaissance Period and particularly Michelangelo’s works. Following, Prodan focuses on Italian poetry of the period, studying the area’s concurrent influence on literature, art and culture.

Intelligent Historical Figures at Stanford

Sarah Prodan currently teaches related courses at Stanford, teaching students about the intersection of spirituality, art and literature. She teaches one specific course directly concerning Michelangelo, serving as “a gateway to the Early Modern World” and exploring topics of philosophy, spirituality, science and life in the period. She does this teaching as she continues her own studies into the lives of Michelangelo and famous 16th century writers.

Utilizing her expertise, Prodan explains her in-depth exploration of Querlo’s MichelangeloAI – finalized this past March – and really enjoyed her experience. Prodan describes a few shortcomings of the software, to help improve the Beta Software to something much more powerful. Alternatively, Prodan describes some powers of MichelangeloAI, such as how Artificial Intelligence for historical figures can help present information and answers consistent with multiple primary sources that she herself has studied.

Artificial Intelligence Concluding Thoughts

Besides this, Prodan and Rulli discuss how creating Aritificial Intelligence for Historical Figures such as Michelangelo has substantial power; this involves improving accessibility, knowledge and engagement in figures and topics previously much harder to reach and learn about.

Concluding, the conversation wraps up with remarks about the nature of the MichelangeloAI and how, as the creator, The Querlo Team must parse, determine and flux certain things about the software; the team considers everything from Michelangelo’s level of formality when responding to Michelangelo’s tone and accent when the Voice Feature is incorporated.