Messaging API


Lorenzo Meriggi / October 7, 2022

The Querlo messaging API is a REST API designed to integrate Querlo chat workflows with third party clients. Thanks to the API, you’ll be able to start new chat sessions, receive messages from Querlo scripts and send messages, just like you normally would by interacting with the Querlo web client and Querlo multi channel integrations.

Interaction with the API revolves around the concept of chat session, which is the collection of all of the events that happen since the moment of the first interaction with a chat script and the timeout or session closed event. On the Querlo web client, this corresponds to the moment when the user first opens a chat window pointing to a given chat script, and the time when the user closes the web tab, or the session times out if they never closes the tab.

Obtaining an API key

In order to exchange messages through the Messaging API, you must first obtain a valid API key.

In order to obtain your API key, first select the team you wish to work with, then click on the gear icon:

This will open the settings dialog for your team. Now please select the APIs tab, you’ll be presented with the following screen:

This is where you can setup everything you need in order to build with Querlo Messaging API.

Click the Cycle button near the API Key field to generate an API Key. Please consider a team may only have one valid API key at any given time, so if you change your API Key by clicking the cycle button, the previous API key will be invalidated and must be replaced in any application it might have been in use with.

This screen is also where you can set your webhook URL. A webhook URL is necessary to receive callbacks from Querlo for incoming messages and more. Please see this section of the documentation to read more about Querlo Messaging API Webhooks.