Chat Customization

2.2 NLU Integration

Ellyn / December 12, 2019

Querlo Chat can be integrated with NLU (Natural Language Understanding) that is supported by the main Cognitive Service providers such as Microsoft LUIS and IBM Watson.

Step 1:

Go to the chat builder.

Click the “Customize” button on the left side of the page to access the “Chat Customization” form. 

Step 2:

The “Chat Customization” form appears. In the “NLU Integration” section you can set up the NLU integration with Microsoft LUIS and IBM Watson.

  • NLU Integration with Microsoft LUIS

(Q1) Enter your MS LUIS Account Key in the field.

(Q2) Click “Update”

  • NLU Integration with IBM Watson

There are two datacenters – Primary and Secondary. 

The Secondary datacenter is a backup datacenter to improve reliability – Querlo will automatically use backup models when available if the primary datacenter is not responsive or slow.

(Q1) Choose a Primary datacenter and enter an API Key that is provided by IBM Watson Assistance

(Q2) Click “Update”

By default, the Primary datacenter is Dallas. Other available datacenters are Sydney, London, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Washington DC, and Seoul.