2.2 NLU Integration

Querlo Chat can be integrated with NLU (Natural Language Understanding) that is supported by the main Cognitive Service providers such as Microsoft LUIS and IBM Watson.

Step 1:

Go to the chat builder.

Click the β€œCustomize” button on the left side of the page to access the β€œChat Customization” form. 

Step 2:

The β€œChat Customization” form appears. In the β€œNLU Integration” section you can set up the NLU integration with Microsoft LUIS and IBM Watson.

  • NLU Integration with Microsoft LUIS

(Q1) Enter your MS LUIS Account Key in the field.

(Q2) Click “Update”

  • NLU Integration with IBM Watson

There are two datacenters – Primary and Secondary. 

The Secondary datacenter is a backup datacenter to improve reliability – Querlo will automatically use backup models when available if the primary datacenter is not responsive or slow.

(Q1) Choose a Primary datacenter and enter an API Key that is provided by IBM Watson Assistance

(Q2) Click β€œUpdate”

By default, the Primary datacenter is Dallas. Other available datacenters are Sydney, London, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Washington DC, and Seoul.

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