3.5 Node Connections

β€œNodes” are the essential parts of a chat on Querlo. Establishing a connection between nodes is a basic action to complete a chat, and it helps you to organize a chat and improve its quality by avoiding repetitive and unnecessary text script.

Connecting Nodes

Step 1:

Go to the chat builder.

Select an end node that is located at the end of a branch, click on it to access the contextual menu and choose β€œConnectβ€œ.

Step 2:

Click on any node in the text script to connect the two nodes.


In the chat below, we have added a new Multiple choice Question node and 3 answer nodes. Each answer node starts a new branch. (Please read The Types of Node to learn more)

Step 1:

(Q1) In the 3rd branch, click on the last node to access the contextual menu.

(Q2) choose β€œConnect”.

(Q3) Then click on the text node in the 2nd branch to connect the two nodes.

Step 2:

On the top of the page, a pop-up message β€œConnection successfully created” appears, and this is how your chat builder looks after the 2 nodes are connected.