Basic Chat Management

1.7 Embed a chat

Ellyn / November 20, 2019

The embed code allows you to embed a chat on different websites.

Embedding a Chat

Step 1:

Go to the chat builder.

(Q1) On the left side of the chat builder, click the “Embed” button.

Step 2:

The pop-up window labeled “Distribution options” appears, and this is where you can find the permalink and Embed code of your chat.

(Q1) Embed code for popup widget.

There are three fields: (1) Speaker name (2) Intro message (3) Auto open delay(ms).

(Q2) Embed code for iframe.

There are two fields: (1) Width (2) Height.

By default, the width is 500 and height is 500. Scroll down and you will see of the preview of the chat HTML client.